Desktop, tablet, and mobile views of the Toro Part Stores website


The Part Stores host a large database of replacement parts for outdoor equipment.

Ecommerce Web Development

The Toro Part Store

January 2015 – August 2015

The Toro Part Store sells genuine OEM replacement parts for Toro mowers, snow blowers, and handheld yard chore tools.

The Toro Part Store is a part sales site with an extra-large-sized catalog. It is a highly-customized Magento solution that does not rely on third-party data for product data, diagrams, or assembly-to-model associations.

Search shows results auto populating
AJAX search displays most relevant assemblies (models)

Product page of Toro website show assembly to the left with parts list on the right
Desktop, tablet, and mobile screenshots of assembly diagram page with parts list


The Plow Part Stores

February 2013 – January 2014

The Part Stores provide genuine OEM replacement parts via brand-specific plow part sites.

The sites utilize Magento as an e-commerce platform for the purchasing of replacement parts. The shopping experience is enhanced by diagrams that are clickable to reduce user error in choosing parts.

Sites: Fisher, Western, Boss Plow Part Stores; SnowEx Salter Part Store; Stens Aftermarket Part Store.

Desktop view of homepage, showing a red truck plowing snow with a Boss plow
Boss Plow Part Store index page

Page showing categories for box, UTV, ATV, and standard plows
Boss Plow category page

Image map with items being clicked on the Fisher desktop website
Diagram page with diagram mapping. When diagram number hotspot is clicked, Add to Cart popup for part appears in lightbox

Fisher Plows product listing page
Diagram page with associated products listing, allowing users to browse all products on diagram

Four similar plow parts websites
Four separate additional websites: Fisher Plow Part Store, Western Plow Part Store, SnowEx Salter Part Store, Stens Aftermarket Part Store