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Kadena Sportswear is a large sportwear company consisting of two brands, Mobile Warming Gear and Fieldsheer.

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April 2013 – January 2014

Mobile Warming

Mobile Warming Gear is a battery-heated clothing line that markets to outdoor enthusiasts that participate in skiing, hunting, motorcycling, and golfing. The rechargeable battery-heated apparel includes base layers, jackets, vests, gloves, and accessories.

The company needed an e-commerce solution that replaced their original SaaS provider, Shopatron. Magento Community Edition was selected as a shopping cart solution. In addition to developing the website, my duties also included product photography, the 2014 product catalog for print, and the production of 15 product videos, each to be included on its respective product view page.

Mobile Warming Gear 2015 catalog for web and print. Role: Full design and substantial amount of product photography

One of fifteen product overview videos

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[Joe] Hi, Joe here from Mobile Warming Gear, to show you the Mobile Warming golf vest.

You know on those cold mornings where you have to layer up in order to get out there and play golf? We have the answer for you.

The nice thing here with the Mobile Warming golf vest, is that it encorporates two heating panels strategically placed in the chest, one on each side here and one on the back. And these panels are alloy wires so they’ll heat up and keep you warm.

The other features to the Mobile Warming golf vest is the exterior material is made out of a material called WindShark. So it’s wind proof and it’s water resistant, so it goes ahead and allows you to be in those elements without it coming through.

What is this powered by? The panels are all powered by – the heating panels are all powered by a small lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable, much like a cell phone. And how this operates is, if we press and hold down the battery, you’ll hear a beep and then you can go ahead and adjust your temperature. The adjustment’s done in a four temperature range, from the highest to the lowest, so it allows you to go ahead and adjust that temperature in a perfect range where you might need it. When you get to that point where you’ve got it where it’s adjusted, there’s a small pocket on the inside here that you can go ahead and anchor it down in.

Other features of the golf vest, as I turn to the side here, as we all know, you need a lot of stretch. You need to go ahead and make sure you can make that swing without feeling that you’ve got something encombering you. And we went ahead and put a lot of stretch into it.

As we come back around to the front, you can see it’s a nice vest for golf, keeps you warm. We designed it for golf but designed for everyday life.

This is the golf Mobile Warming vest.

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[onscreen] Mobile Warming Mens Heated Golf Vest

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One of fifteen product overview videos

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[Joe] Hi, Joe here from Mobile Warming, makers of heated gloves and apparel. Here to talk to you today about our LTD textile fully heated waterproof breathable glove. Yes, I did say heated.

This is a wonderful glove for outdoor activities, power sports activities, or any activities where you just need to keep your hands warm, dry, and have protection.

So let me take you through the glove, and I’ll go through the exterior of the glove here. Here’s a very safe material as far as the safety is concerned and keeping you dry. As you can see here, we a reflective FossLight reflective stripe down the top of the glove along with some leather additions to make sure we get safety involved there. And we’ve got stretch above the knuckles here.

So go around to the palm of the glove, you’ll notice we have a reinforced palm to go along with the textile material. Nice wrist enclosure to make sure you get the glove securely where it needs to be.

So how do we heat this glove? Well, the glove is heated through the top of the hand here and fully around each of the fingers and the thumb. It’s powered by a unique lithium-ion battery that comes with the glove, along with the charger. And where it will sit – it will sit up here in the wrist part of the glove – the gauntlet part of the glove, and the wire will extend out where you’ll actually plug the battery in. You’ll hold on the lithium-ion battery til you hear a beep, and then you’ll have four temperature variations, from it’s highest variation to it’s lowest variation. It conveniently will sit back in the pocket, which has a clear window, so you can see which temperature you actually have it adjusted at.

Now when I say the glove is waterproof and breathable, wow I tell you, it uses a very unique feature, in that it uses a waterproof breathable membrane, but it also uses a material called Exkin Air. And Exkin Air is really great, as far as yes, it’s premium as far as keeping you warm, but it also will absorb moisture as well, so your hand definitely will stay warm and dry, and really great in those extreme conditions that you might run into.

I mentioned the battery and the charger, and just to kind of show you how that works, when the battery does get to a point where you need to recharge it, you simply will plug this charger into the wall, much like a cell phone would be. And then the opposite end has the same kind of receptacle that the glove did, and you’ll plug it in, and you’ll go ahead and plug this into the wall, and that will allow you to charge the battery.

Really great technology, simple, good, and we’ve got a great answer for folks and keeping your hands warm, keeping your hands dry for all types of activities.

So this is the Mobile Warming LTD Textile Glove.

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[onscreen] Mobile Warming LTD Textile Heated Glove

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Fieldsheer produces performance-driven motorcycle gear for men and women. The stylish gear includes jackets, pants, and gloves, and is marketed towards the touring biker’s needs, with focus on armored protection and water-resistant, breathable materials.

Magento Community was used to develop a custom site with shopping cart capabilities. To supplement the site, 12 product overview videos were produced and appeared on their respective product view pages. Additionally, full-page print ads were created and appeared in major print magazines, Cycle World, Rider, and Ultimate MotorCycling.

Ad depicting the model wearing the Sugo jacket, with a motorcycle and grafiti in the background
Sugo Textile Jacket ad – appeared in Cycle World, Rider, and Ultimate MotorCycling

Ad depicting the blue and white adventure jacket, with a mountainous windy road in the background
Adventure Tour jacket ad – appeared in Cycle World, Rider, and Ultimate MotorCycling

One of twelve product overview videos

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[Joe] Hi, Joe here from Fieldsheer to show you the all new High Temp Jacket.

This jacket’s a great jacket if you’re touring in the spring or the summer, or just need a mesh jacket that will give you a few more options. This jacket is great for that.

Some of the unique features to the Fieldsheer High Temp Jacket is we’re going to use our new material we call Pro 500 Maxtina. And what that does for you, it’s a little bit more of a coat type feel to it, and the nice thing about that is, it gives you a lot more comfort, without sacrificing any kind of safety.

Another unique feature about the High Temp Jacket is it uses CE rated armor throughout the whole jacket. You’ll have it here in the shoulder, you’ll have it here in the elbow, and you’ll have a full CE back pad as well for the safety part of it. In order to make sure the armor stays in place, we use a 3-step stage adjustment system here, to make sure that it pulls into place, which makes it nice so that armor doesn’t move on you and that you know you’re safe.

Reflectivity material we call FossLight is also done fully down through the arms here. And we also run some panels here as you can see as well here in the shoulder.

If you look at the back of the jacket, for reflectivity you’ll also see a large panel here. A couple raised up – some foam on top of that CE pad to make sure you’ve got extra protection as well.

Come back around to the front. Probably the most unique thing about the high temp jacket is the ability to get more seasons out. And what’s great about that is, this also uses the same Fieldsheer 2-stage liner system, which allows you to remove the fully waterproof membrane that’s breathable, using the world-class material we call Nanomax. And you can also remove the quilted liner as well. So you can run the jacket without the liner system, which will have the poly titanium mesh flowing a bunch of air to the body, which keeps you extremely cool. Or you can have both of the liners in, which will allow you to stay warm, allow you to stay dry, and also be able to extend your riding season depending on where you’re at.

A lot of other nice features like comfort for being able to get in and out of the jacket. Same thing for stretch on the side.

The High Temp Jacket just has a ton of features for everyday riding or spring/summer type riding.

This is the new High Temp Jacket from Fieldsheer.

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[onscreen] Fieldsheer High Temp Mesh Jacket

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