“The Art of Repair” timelapse assembly video, featured in Things Organized Neatly blog and Things Organized Neatly: The Art of Arranging the Everyday. Role: Concept, direction.

[onscreen text] The Art of Repair

Music by Strange Dream

[dreamy music]

[onscreen] Equipment parts, consisting of orange plastic pieces, metal engine parts, screws, and a chain, arranged neatly on a white background.

In fast motion, a pair of hands takes the pieces one by one, assembling them together

The final result is a fully assembled Husqvarna chainsaw.

[onscreen text] EquipmentGarage.com

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Equipment Garage sells outdoor power equipment at their two locations in the Milwaukee area, and maintains several e-commerce websites that sell OEM replacement parts by brand.

Digital Marketing and Branding

July 2014 – October 2015

Marketing efforts were given to both aspects of the business: the store as a local destination, and as an online presence creating value-focused content (with great backlinking potential).

Video Production

One of seventeen engine maintenance “quick-tip” videos in the series, Equipment Garage Gurus.
Role: Intro animation

[Jade] Snow blowers can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. We’ll discuss the most common snowblower hazards you’ll encounter, next at EquipmentGarage.com.

[grungy music]

[onscreen] EquipmentGarage.com logo builds, made up of equipment parts and yellow caution tape forming a roof above the words.

[Jade] Snow blowers are a common household item but can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. Every year, about 6000 people in the United States suffer from snow blower related injuries.

First, never wear loose or baggy clothing when operating a snow blower. Keep your jacket zipped and tuck in the loose ends of your scarf, so they don’t fall in front of the spinning auger.

If your auger or shoot become clogged, never put your hands or feet inside of your snow blower. Instead, make sure your machine is completely off for at least 10 seconds before using a broom handle or a chute clearing tool to clear up the clog.

Lastly, remember to gas up before you begin. Adding gasoline into a tank right next to a hot engine is extremely dangerous because the gas can ignite. If you do have to refuel, make sure the engine is cool before doing so.

Thanks for watching the Equipment Garage Gurus, where we give you tips, tricks, and need-to-know facts about outdoor power equipment. If you have a question that you’d like to see answered by our gurus, head on over to the forum and let us know. It may be featured on the next Equipment Garage Gurus.

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[onscreen text] EquipmentGarage.com logo, Garage Gurus’ Tips link


Equipment Garage Gurus Season Finale
Role: Outro animation

[electronic grungy music]

[onscreen text] Meet our newest Salesman

[record skips]

[onscreen] Five year old girl with a frowny face

[playful music]

[onscreen text] Oops… Salesgirl

[Hailee] [Giggling] Hi my name’s Hailee. We’re going to be talking about tools today.

[onscreen text] What Tool Have You Got?

[Hailee] Today we’re going to be talking about the Exmark Bubber Walky. [Giggling]

[onscreen text] You Mean “Spreader Sprayer”?

[Hailee] This machine is for big kids only! It’s on sale for one hundred thousand hundred dollars!

[onscreen text] I think it’s less than that… Nevermind. Tell us what it does?

[Hailee] This one makes the gas go WOAH!

Um, this one makes it go really fast and this one makes it go really slooow.

This one turns and goes straight and forward.

This one makes it fly, if you play around with it.

The front right here, that’s where we keep bunnies aaaand turtles.

[Giggling] It plays the piano. Piano! Ding ding ding! Beep beep! Bounce bounce! That’s everything about… whatever this is.

[onscreen text] Spreader Sprayer! Why don’t you go off the card?

[Hailee] Up here? I have no idea. I do not know how to read.

[onscreen text] That explains it. Click here for REAL specs on the Exmark Spreader Sprayer

[Hailee] Bye bye.

[camera crew laughing in background]

[Hailee giggling]

[playful music]

[onscreen] EquipmentGarage.com logo being written with black and yellow crayons

Logo shrinks, with spreader sprayer equipment shown on side

Email Marketing

News from the garage, December 2014 email newsletter
Responsive newsletter, Dec. 2014

Postcard depicting Equipment Garage staff and equipment brands listed on one side, with logo and responsive views of the website on the other side
Company postcard included in packages. Role: Design and photography