Company Website and Templates

December 2015 – August 2016

123Commerce offers turn-key informational and ecommerce templated websites to IT professionals.

Each website template has customized content for the client, the ability to sell software products online, and a blog available for content creation.

Desktop, tablet, and mobile views of the 123Commerce homepage

123Commerce company website, featuring a snapping-slide interface that is adaptive to the viewport size.

Blocky desktop template with turquoise and white body sections with a dark blue background

“Glasgow” responsive website template


White and blue desktop template, reminiscent of Windows branding

“Skyline” responsive website template


Primarily light gray desktop template, with dark header iamge of a keyboard

“Type-25” responsive website template


Primarily light gray monochrome desktop template, with pops of light blue for buttons and blocks

“Foundation” responsive website template