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Associated Bank is the largest mid-sized Bank in Wisconsin, also serving Illinois and Minnesota.

The Associated Bank website promotes financial products and services, while raising awareness for the company’s extensive dedication to the community through volunteerism, grants, and other programs.

Project Details

Client: Associated Bank

Date: January 2017 – present

Tags: User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Web Design

Bank at Work Program



Original request was to update the Bank at Work landing page with new content and dual tiered offer. The problem to the previous approach was that it was not targeted, causing deep navigation required to organize a lot of content. On top of that, it was confusing as to how the user would easily know which offer is right for them – $300 vs. $500.



  • Target users – There are two very distinct and obvious types of users here: Employee and Employer
  • Present the right information at the right time in the process for each user


Personas: Let’s strive to understand who our users are – their needs, wants, preferences, etc. Knowing who they are allows us to serve them best.


Journey Mapping: Create the path each user type would typically take to complete a task. This exercise determines which individual marketing projects should be created.




Wireframing: Start filling in content for each marketing piece. Present the right information at the right time in the process for each user. Aid in the transition from one channel to another so the user can successfully complete the task with reduced friction.



  • There are new technologies we should plan on adopting (QR codes, SMS, etc.).
  • I would love to see offer pages and their related emails dynamically created.
  • The process wouldn’t end here – We can validate personas through Google Analytics tracking, test customer satisfaction through a customer journey map, etc.
  • What modifications to our current data would need to take place in order to sort current and potential customers into groups/subgroups related to the personas they match?

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Company postcard included in packages. Role: Design and photography