Hello World!

I’m Carrie Jackson-Ardila (ar-DEE-la), a designer, advocate, and mountainwoman based near Denver, Colorado.

I’m a remote User Experience (UX) designer with a passion for solving problems, and delivering UI designs that will operate well for all users, regardless of disability. I’m passionate about improving the lives of others through design and technology. It’s what I strive to do everyday.

Carrie at the Color Factory, her skintone is bright electric blue from the lights in the room

My latest and greatest UX work

A smiling girl gives a high five to an enthusiastic man with a prosthetic hand

I co-led the A11y Accessibility Initiative at Merkle.

It all started when we completed our first in-depth accessibility review for a client. At the end, we realized that our organization was in need of a way to standardize this type of work from the ground up.

View the full A11y Accessibility case study.

Client work

I participated in website reviews, in which we identified accessibility violations and opportunities for improvement. I used tools to uncover structural issues, as well as performed manual screenreader testing.

Client offerings

I drafted review and remediation package offerings for future clients, so that during contract negotiations, accessibility efforts would be defined and understood from the very beginning of a project.

Internal education

As a frequent speaker at our monthly Design Talks, I provided accessibility guidance to our designers, empowering them to follow best practices and ensure their work met guidelines.

Process improvement

To support our developers, I drafted an annotation procedure in which designers would annotate the screens before handoff, ensuring user experience intentions and technical elements were effectively communicated.


page design from about us section page

I brought a user-focused mindset to Associated Bank.

When we were redesigning the company’s website for new technology, it was also time for a new approach to our decision-making in design. Through UX activities we ensured that we were designing for our visitors and not just ourselves.

View the full Associated Bank case study.

Website enhancements and redesign

Through my research, I knew that authenticity was key to gaining trust. Therefore, we prioritized genuine, unique photography through a Getty Custom Content account. This shift is especially evident in the revamped About Us section, where we were able to capture real colleagues and also highlight the bank’s measured impact in the community.

Highlights of my UX efforts also include information architecture modifications to ensure better findability of content, user testing on new website functionality, as well as workshopping to uncover unique needs of different users.

Key achievement

An increase in our NPS score for Q3 of 2021, affected by our ability to be communicative about Covid-19, with our website playing a crucial role.


My front end development work

The beginning of my career was focused on ecommerce development and digital marketing.