PusherSoles Responsive Website and Video


PusherSoles.com features a product that attaches to box plows and protects an expensive plow component, eliminating the need to replace it every season.

The PusherSoles site was created in full under a tight deadline. Two separate sites exist: one for retail customers and one restricted to distributors, with unique pricing and discounts for each. The explainer video was a collaboration, in which I contributed to the storyboarding and created all of the sound design, animation of assets, and effects.

Project Details

Client: PusherSoles

Date: April 2015 – June 2015

Tags: Responsive Web Design, Magento, Animation



Index page


Explainer video, appears in lightbox on index page when clicked. Illustrated assets: Erin Paasch, 3D models: Jose Ardila


Category page with product dimensional specs displayed for each item


Product page