[anaytical music]

[voiceover] If you own a pusher plow for your business…

[onscreen] Plow bucket falls from sky, lands on ground

[voiceover] You know one of the most costly things to maintain are the plow shoes.

[onscreen] Plow bucket with shoes drags on ground

[voiceover] They’re hard to install, wear out fast and unevenly, and leave a lot of perfectly good metal to go to waste.

[onscreen] Plow shoe is tossed on a pile of metal

[voiceover] They can cost over a grand to replace and if you have a fleet of pushers…

[onscreen] Zoomed out from one plow bucket, to show many

[voiceover] That adds up to a lot of dough…

[onscreen] Dollars float down over money pile. Calendar pages rip off.

[voiceover] That you’ll keep spending year, after year, after year, until now. Introducing PusherSoles.

[onscreen] PusherSoles logo

[voiceover] PusherSoles keep your pusher shoes from wearing out. How? Simply attach your shoes to the bottom of your shoes, and go.

[onscreen] Plow bucket with shoes and soles drag on ground

[voiceover] The soles will wear down instead of your shoes. When it’s completely worn down, you can replace it with another, so your shoe can last forever.

[onscreen] Screen pulls down, showing a diagram of sole attached to shoe

[voiceover] Installation is easy. Just bolt the sole to the bottom of the shoe. And PusherSoles cost a fraction of what shoes do. They’re also lighter, which means less shipping costs for you, saving you even more money.

[onscreen] Radiating money pile

[voiceover] So what are you waiting for? Call or order your soles today at pushersoles.com.

[energetic music]

[onscreen] PusherSoles.com logo


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The PusherSoles sites were created under a tight deadline. Two separate sites exist: one for retail customers and one restricted to distributors, with unique pricing and discounts for each.

Ecommerce Web Development/Animation

April 2015 – June 2015

Desktop, tablet, and mobile screens of homepage
Responsive website

Page with product tiles shown and a chart describing dimensions of a PusherSole as the top banner
Category page with product dimensional specs displayed for each item

Product page showing images of the product and a table listing specs and dimensions
Product page detailing dimensions and compatibility with plows